Muslimah In Solah *updated*

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Just as performing salat is obligatory, learning to perform it in the prescribed way is also obligatory so that one should know what he is saying to his Lord, and enjoy the full blessings and benefits of praying. Therefore to meet that purpose, Dunkirk School humbly presents…. “MUSLIMAH IN SOLAH” :).

Date: 10 October 2010 (Sunday)
Venue: Dunkirk Community Center, DUnkirk, Nottingham
Time: 10.00am – 3.00pm

Muslimah In Solah workshop is divided into three slots:
1. Salat theory by Ustazah Salamiah Adol.
2. In-group salat practical with Ustazah Salamiah Adol.
3. Case situations (eg: performing prayer in an aeroplane, khuf, how to find the qibla, etc) + Q&A

Registration is NOW open ..!! Please click here to register.

All muslimat are welcome

So come on and let’s perfect our salat! See you there! 😀

For any enquiries, please kindly contact
Yasmin +447964739504
Nadiah +447964744095
or send an e-mail to jasmine_melodee@yahoo.com

“The key of paradise is prayer, and the key of prayer is ablution.” ~ Rasulullah SAW


Stress is life. Stress is anything that causes mental, physical, or spiritual tension. There is no running away from it. All that matters is how you deal with it.

Turn to Allah

The first Muslim women knew that prayer was the link between a person and her Lord, and that those that pray with proper focus and humility are the ones who are successful.

Successful indeed are the believers. Those who offer their Salah with all solemnity and full submissiveness.”

(Quran 23:1-2)

They used to stay up at night, worshipping with full humility and submission. They knew that the best provision for the Hereafter, and the thing that helps make the message reach the people is prayer. It gives a person will-power and helps to resolve difficulties and face hardship. They also knew that praying qiyam-al-layl is one of the best acts of worship that bring a person closer to Allah, the Exalted, as He said to the Prophet s.a.w.

And in some parts of the night [also] offer the salah with it [i.e recite the quran in the prayer] as an additional prayer [Tahajjud] and optional prayer [Nawafil] for you [O’ Muhammad]. It may be that your Lord will raise you to Maqam Mahmud [a station of praise and glory, i.e. the honour of intercession on the Day of Resurrection.”

(Quran 17:79)

Allah listens and already knows what is in your heart, but He wants you to ask Him for what you want. And He praise those who pray qiyam al-layl:

They used to sleep but little of the night [invoking their Lord (Allah) and praying, with fear and hope].”

(Quran 51:17)

The best of matters are those that are moderate.

Anas r.a narrated that, “The Prophet s.aw entered the mosque and saw a rope tied between two of the pillars of the mosque. He said: ‘What is the rope?’ They said: ‘It belongs to Zaynab. When she feels tired she holds on to it.’ The Prophet said: ‘Untie it. Let any one of you pray when he has the energy, and when he feels tired, let him sit down.’ ”

The believing women used to force themselves to pray at night, seeking the pleasure of Allah, but the Prophet s.a.w commanded them not to impose on themselves more than they could bear. The best of worship is one that is done regularly, even if it is a little. We know that the women of the modern age fill their time, night and day, with worldly things, but the least that is expected of them is two rakaats offered in the middle of the night to defeat the syaitan thereby.

Put your trust in Allah if you are sincere and rejoice in tomorrow if you are repentant. Then will you be the happiest person in the world 🙂

That’s not hijab!

Salam ceria 🙂

We’d like to invite our dear readers to visit Kak Ina’s blog. There’s some addition to last week’s kuliyah on Aurat Wanita: Apakah Batasnya?

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Apakah perkara pertama yang terlintas di kepala anda apabila anda membaca artikel ini?

Sumber: The Star Online

Mari kita lihat apa pula pendapat seorang wanita BUKAN Muslim berhubung perkara ini.

WITH reference to “Bright and Breezier” (The Star, Jan 29), I was shocked at the news of female students in higher-learning institutes in Shah Alam being persuaded not to wear panties on Valentine’s Day to show their love for their boyfriends. As a woman and a mother, I question the rationale behind it.

Firstly, why should we go down to such demeaning ways to express our feelings for our boyfriends? Secondly, how does not wearing your undergarments express feelings that our hearts can’t? Thirdly, how would the boyfriend know that his loved one is not wearing any undergarments unless she tells him or he feels her derriere, assuming that she is still fully clothed!

It is so insulting; it’s calling for women to just bare their bodies, not their love. While I am all for women’s rights, I am totally against such a stupid move.

I think the female students should question who is behind this so-called “movement to show love”. Imagine the scenario on Valentine’s Day — everyone will be standing around giggling and wondering if you have your panties on or not.

Don’t sell your reputation short for such cheap thrills. And mind you, the thrills are for him, not her.

Whatever couples want to do after marriage to fuel passionate fires of love is their private business but to do such a thing before marriage may inadvertently fuel not much love but lust and unbridled emotions before marriage. It is a dangerous thing to do.

If the menfolk can wait until marriage to savour such fun and excitement, then they are worth marrying. If not, the girls should pass them over for turning them into cheap “toys”.

I urge the girls not to fall for the ploy obviously designed by a bunch of perverts. Not following this stupid movement does not make you any less desired or desirable; rather it makes you love with a sensible head on your shoulders.

Sometimes conservatism has a higher value rather liberalism, especially when it protects your values and ensures your reputation is unscathed.

There are better ways to express love like being kind, understanding and compassionate — not just on Valentine’s day but every other day.

If these feelings do not mean much for the guy, it shows his shallowness. And the womenfolk should not only be the ones to do it if both parties intend for the relationship to last until “death do us part”.

Kuala Lumpur.

Sumber: The Star Online

Inilah salah satu sebab mengapa menyambut Valentine Day (Hari Kekasih) hukumnya haram. Allah s.w.t. berfirman yang bermaksud, “Dan janganlah kamu menghampiri zina sesungguhnya zina itu adalah satu perbuatan keji dan satu jalan yang jahat.’’ (al-Isra: 32) Mafhumnya, Allah s.w.t. tidak mengharamkan zina semata-mata malahan apa-apa yang boleh membawa kepada zina juga hukumnya haram.

Islam memberi garis panduan yang jelas dan membenarkan hubungan kasih sayang sesama manusia dalam kerangka syariat. Hubungan kasih sayang kepada ibu bapa, sahabat dan sesama masyarakat boleh dilakukan setiap hari dan tujuh golongan manusia yang akan mendapat lindungan `Arasy ialah salah satunya mereka yang berkasih sayang (bertemu dan berpisah) kerana Allah SWT…

A very good video to watch =)

So, what say you?

Salam satu Aqidah buat semua MUSLIMIN dan MUSLIMAT

Bingung memikirkan batas aurat anda?

Bagaimana ciri-ciri hijab yang dikehendaki Allah untuk kita patuhi?

Apa sudah bersunguh-sungguhkah kita menutup AURAT? Atau sekadar ala kadar sahaja?

Pernah baca ini? Dari UZAR : Aurat Wanita : Apa Sudah Jadi?

Kini dengarkan kupasan Zaujahnya..Ummu Husna megenai

Aurat Wanita : Apa Batasnya ?

add : nurfatinabihah di PALTALK

Jemputan bermula jam 6.30 petang.. jangan ketinggalan!!

Dijemput semua muslimat untuk hadir..jumpa nanti InsyaAllah.. selamat membina dan menghias MAHLIGAI antum di SYURGA